10 Christmas Gifts for Cats You Never Knew Existed

I don’t hide it, I am a crazy cat lady.  As a result, I am always on the look out for Christmas presents for cats.  Why should us humans have all the fun?  Since Christmas is coming, this year I thought I would put together a list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for cats.  That way, your cat too can unwrap a little happiness on Christmas morning.

We all know about the traditional Christmas gifts for cats but here I want to explore gifts that are a little more unusual and clever…

  1. Cat Wine or Champagne from Apollo Peak

Appollo Peak Cat Wine

Appollo Peak Cat ChampagnePicture it, it’s New Year’s and you’re enjoying a champagne toast with your cat.  See crazy cat lady admission above.  But, seriously, the photo ops alone make the cat wine or champagne worthwhile Christmas gifts for cats.

Apollo Peak ships internationally for a flat rate and has free shipping in the US.  The cat wine with the fancy cat wine glass will run you $15.95.  A great deal in my book!  If you just want the wine it’s $10.95 and the champagne is $11.95.

  1. Whack-a-Mole for cats (aka “Whack-a-Mouse”)

Cat Whack a MoleYou cat will love playing a round of whack-a mouse on Christmas morning.  Arcade games aren’t just for humans anymore.  You can find this toy on Amazon for $25.00.

  1. A Heated Cat Bed

K&H Manufacturing Mod Dream PodIf your cat is anything like mine, no matter how warm it is inside, she wants it warmer.  Add a heated cat bed to your Christmas gift list for your cat.  Her warm paws on the cold winter nights ahead will thank you.  Or at least their paws will be warm when they walk across you which should be thanks enough.  This heated cat bed is from K&H Manufacturing and is called the Mod Dream Pod.  Sounds lovely doesn’t it?


  1. A Cat Tree House from Pet Tree Houses

Cat Tree HouseWe are not talking about the boring cat trees made of wood, carpet and rope.  These cat tree houses are made from real trees.  They are embellished with good quality silk leaves.  I think this could be a Christmas gift for cats AND humans.  Your cat gets a new cat tree and you get some low maintenance greenery in your home.  The dual purpose is good because living cat trees are expensive.  They range from $129.00 for the smallest to $1,449.00 for the largest.

Although it wouldn’t be as nice as these hand-crafted pet tree houses, you could try adding some silk greenery to your existing cat tree for cheap while you save up for the real thing.

  1. A Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater fro Cats
Ok, so this one is more for us crazy cat ladies but how cute would it be to give your cat a sweater for Christmas?  My cat fits into small and x-small dog sweaters (depending on the make).  I’m not saying she loved it but I cherish the few photos we could get while she put up with it.


  1. Dr. Catsby’s Ergonomic Cat Bowl

Dr. Catsby's Ergonomic Cat Bowl

Does this happen to you?

Cat Bowl

I am always shaking the bowl of food to get rid of the hole in the center.  There are bowls specifically designed so that the food slides to the center.  They also provide “whisker relief”.  Something I didn’t even know was a thing.  Basically, it minimizes cat’s whiskers brushing against the sides of the bowl because it’s shallow.   These will make great Christmas gifts for cats.  It’s something they use everyday.

  1. Catnip Joints from Stark Raving Cat

Stark Raving Cat Catnip JointsCats love catnip.  Why not get it packaged into joints?  Wish I’d thought of that.  Pick up a 3 pack for $10 or a 5 pack for $15. They are handmade and Stark Raving Cat (https://www.starkravingcat.com/) ships to the US, Canada and Europe.

  1. Catnip Bubbles

Catnip BubblesAvailable for $3-10 on Amazon, catnip bubbles are a fantastic way to enjoy interactive play with your cat.  This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for cats you don’t know very well.  Not too personal but the bubbles are catnip and they move.  They’re sure to be a cat pleaser.

  1. A Mobile Cat Bed

Mobile Cat Bed by SleepypodTraveling with a cat sucks.  I should know, I do it every 6 months.  A mobile cat bed that’s more comfortable than a traditional carrier is on my cat, Laila’s list for Santa this year.  They are secure enough to be used as a carrier to the vet but can offer more visibility and more room to move/get comfortable.  I love the look of this one from Sleepypod.


  1. A Laptop

Cat LaptopCats often have cat business to attend to.  That’s the only reason I can think of why Laila is always trying to lie on my laptop.  The best way for them to get off your laptop is to get them their own.  Ok, so it’s not real (obviously, THAT would be ridiculous) but it’s really cute.  I found this one on Amazon for $31.24.  The picture makes me laugh every time.

There you have it – 10 of the best Christmas gifts for cats.  Happy shopping!

What’s on your cat’s Christmas list this year?  Have you tried any of the 10 products?  How did your cat react?  Let me know in the comments.


6 thoughts on “10 Christmas Gifts for Cats You Never Knew Existed

I had a good time reading your post, as several of the gifts made me laugh. My first thoughts to give cats would be bowls and sweaters — but I would of never thought about wine, wack a mole, or bubbles.

Do you own a cat? If so what items from here have you bought it?


I’m glad the gifts made you laugh – I know I laughed while writing it.  Yes, I have a cat – Laila and she is the one featured in the Christmas sweater.  We have obviously tried the sweater (she hated it but I thought it was great).  We’ve tried the whack a mole, which was a hit and a version of the ergonomic bowl.  On my list for Laila this year is the wine or champagne and the catnip joints.


What a bunch of really great ideas for cats! My son has a cat, and of course we get our pets Christmas gifts just like everyone else. I am going to bookmark this, and then show this to him to see what he wants to get for her. Lots of great ideas! I am liking the catnip bubbles and the Christmas sweater 🙂


Thanks for the nice comment!  I’d be curious to know if your son tries any of the items and if his cat liked/disliked them.  I too love the Christmas sweater.  Unfortunately, my cat, Laila, didn’t so we only put it on for about 10 minutes every Christmas.  I still think it’s worth it.


The cat laptop is such a great idea! I wonder if it gets warm like our laptops do. I always thought that that must be the reason they love to nap there. Well, that and the fact that we’re not paying as much attention to them as they want us to!


I completely agree about the warmth but I don’t think the cat laptop has any.  I believe it’s made of cardboard so any heat would likely make it a fire hazard :).  I am forever trying to entice my cat, Laila, off my laptop too!


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