About Me

About AmyHi Visitors!

Thanks for checking us out.  I’m Amy, the creator of The Laughing Cat.  Cats are my passion, especially happy ones which is my motivation for starting this site.  I have had cats all my life and I am what some would call obsessed.  I could really talk endlessly about anything to do with them.

I’ve had small cats, large cats, outdoor cats, indoor cats, one kitten, you get the idea…  Right now my husband and I have one cat traveling with us in Europe named Laila.  She is a polydactyl cat and I love her to bits.  She’s happy and healthy which is what really matters to me.

LailaI am also passionate about cat rescue rather than purchase.  All my cats have been strays we have taken in or adopted from homes who no longer wanted them.  I encourage everyone to “adopt don’t shop”.  When adopting a cat with a history that could be awful, I think it’s even more important to give that cat the happiest life you can.  Luck you, you found The Laughing Cat!

I sincerely hope that The Laughing Cat will help you improve the life of your own feline friend and your by extension.


Founder of The Laughing Cat