Cat Furniture Part One: Cat Scratchers & Scratching Posts

If you have a cat, chances are you are aware of the need for cat scratchers and scratching posts.  These are one of the best ways to keep cats from scratching your furniture.  If only “kitten mittens” (as seen on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) were a practical option.  Designed to keep down noise and stop the scratching of furniture.  That is, if the cats didn’t hate them so much:

All kidding aside, every cat owner should have at least one cat scratcher or scratching post as part of their cat furniture arsenal.  There really is something for every taste and situation.  Let’s explore the wonderful world of cat scratchers so you can find the perfect one for you and your cat…

Stylish Cat Scratchers

Itch Wall Scratchers

If these wall-mounted cat scratchers weren’t placed at such a low height, they could almost be mistaken for contemporary art.  The minimalist design is not intrusive.  These would be great for those of you who are short on space and don’t want anything sitting on the floor.

I found these by a company called Square Cat Habitat on Amazon.  The price ranges from $15-45 depending on the colors and finish you choose.

I also think that these would be the easiest of the cat scratchers to make yourself.  For around $10-20 you could customize the frame and material to please both human and cat.  If your cat enjoys these, they will be at them all the time.  Just make sure it’s secured VERY well to the wall.



Lounge Cat Scratchers

PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher LoungeA lounge cat scratcher is a cat’s best friend – it combines their love of lounging and scratching.   This is a good option if you have multiple cats.  There will be room for everyone.

This cat scratcher lounge is reversible so you get 2 times the use.  It has catnip leaf to entice the cats to the lounge and away from your furniture and the modern design should appeal to most.

Another great option with these is that they are light enough to mount them on the wall with bookshelf (or similar) brackets.

It’s a little pricey at $79.95 currently on Amazon but it is very well-reviewed (4.8 out of 5 stars) and quite versatile.


Standard/No Frills Cat Scratchers

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching PostIf a basic cat scratcher with no bells or whistles seems like the right option for you, consider the Ultimate Scratching Post from SmartCat.

It’s sturdy and well-designed.  It’s just 4 identical sides of sisal waiting to be scratched into oblivion by your cat.  There are no other color options so what you see is what you get.  In a world of too much choice, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

At $44.99 from Amazon, it’s a good mid-range choice.

Entertaining Cat Scratchers

Suck UK Cat DJ Scratching DeckThis awesome novelty cat scratcher further confirms my belief that people really have thought of everything.  I really think this one is more for the humans than the cats, but who cares?  Think of the photo ops!

The scratching area is small and likely not all that durable.  At least the price is on the lower end at $26.95 from Suck UK.

Suck UK also makes a laptop for cats which is included in my post of 10 Christmas Gifts for Cats You Never Knew Existed.  Definitely worth reading if this DJ Cat Scratcher made you giggle.



Furniture Cat Scratchers

Cat furniture is becoming more and more popular – IKEA even makes cat house inserts for their products that you can use instead of baskets.  If you prefer your cat scratchers to act more like furniture and blend in with decor, consider the A-Frame Cat Bed from The Refined Feline.  It’s an end table that has a scratching panel on the outside and a cat bed on the inside.  Talk about multi-purpose.

The A-Frame Cat Bed comes in 2 different finishes, mahogany and espresso and costs $99.99.  This seems reasonable to me as I would easily spend $100 on an end table that just does end table stuff.  This feels like more bang for my buck.





Compact Cat Scratchers

ED Ellen Degeners Hanging Cat ScratcherIf you really don’t have any room for a floor or even wall-mounted cat scratcher, try this compact ED Ellen DeGeneres Hanging Cat Scratcher.  Who knew that Ellen made cat scratching products?  I certainly didn’t!  This retails for $17.99 from PetSmart.

It’s easily moved and put away if company is coming and has a little built in toy to encourage scratching.  A good low-cost and versatile buy.

Funny Cat Scratcher

Donald Trump Scratching PostThis Donald Trump Cat Scratching Post really shows that people have thought of everything.  Why didn’t I think of this?  I’m really kicking myself!  This is an expensive cat scratcher at $169.99 from Politikats but think of all the fun both you and your cat will have scratching while making a political statement.  They aren’t politically correct at Politikats and they embrace it.

There are a few different politicians other than Donald: Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Christy Clark.  It’s a splurge but, I mean, what a conversation piece!




Multi-Surface Cat Scratchers

Jump Multi Surface Cat Scratching PostThis Jump Multi-Surface Cat Scratch Post from Pet Solutions combines many things that you should be looking for in a cat scratcher.  It has 4 different materials for kitty to scratch – carpet, sisal, cardboard and fleece and it’s a really good value.  At $17.99 (on sale) and $19.99 regular price, it really can’t be beat.






Elegant Cat Scratchers

CopyCat Art Scratcher

Want your cat to scratch up a priceless piece of art?  No problem.  Get the Mona Lisa, The Girl with the Pearl Earring or Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Vase as a cat scratcher from Lord Lou.  I think the picture says it all!  The price is definitely high at €169-189 but the laughter you’ll get from the cat scratching should ease some of the stress of the expense.  What an elegant addition to any home (until your cat scratches it beyond recognition).

Climbing Cat Scratchers

SmartCat Cat ClimberThis SmartCat Cat Climber is another great option for people low on space.  If you can’t sacrifice enough space for a cat tree, this Cat Climber will satisfy your cat’s need for scratching and climbing.

The Cat Climber fits over most doors and can be put away or moved easily.  If it’s on the door, just make sure you don’t open it suddenly!  Otherwise, you might have a cat fall on you claws first.

The price on this is very reasonable from Amazon currently at $46.23.




I hope this list of different cat scratchers has helped you to decide on what’s right for you.  If you have tried the scratchers listed or have other favorites, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Cat Furniture Part One: Cat Scratchers & Scratching Posts

I absolutely love your post! The pictures are hilarious and you’ve given cat lovers many options! I have 4 cats, I know, I’m the “cat lady.” I adore the lounge cat scratcher and the climbing cat scratcher. I will definitely purchase one of them for Christmas! I know that Morris, Cali, Samson and Josie will love it! Do you think either of these scratchers could handle multiple cats? Thanks for your great website and informative article.


Thanks for your great comment! I’m glad you liked this post.  I think the lounge cat scratcher would be the better option for multiple cats.  The climbing one might not be sturdy enough for 4 cats if they all use it at the same time.


Hi Amy, thanks for the great article on cat scratchers! We’ve had cats for years but haven’t had a car scratcher for quite some time because I think they’re so ugly. I had no idea there were so many options, and some of them you barely would notice they’re for cats! I may actually give in and get one now, thanks!


Cat scratchers really have come a long way.  I thought they were all ugly too until I started my research.  Let us know what kind you end up getting and your thoughts on it (if you decide to give in).  Thanks!


Hello Lance,

I absolutely love this article! My new cat has been messing up my furniture. I wish I would’ve found this website sooner because it would’ve saved me hundreds of dollars from replacing my couches!

I’m particularly interested in the donald trump structure haha! It’s a must get for cat owners.

Thank you very much,


Agreed!  The Donald Trump one really is a conversation piece.  Any of the options on the list will be cheaper than replacing actual furniture.  Thanks for your comment Eric.


Good afternoon Amy,

This is a post after my heart as I am a huge cat lover. There has hardly been a time where not a least 1 cat would keep me company. I now live in a farmhouse with lots of space and a big plot, ideal cat country. Many trees to hang one’s claws in and lizards, small mice and other little critters on the hunting menu.
I read you always had rescue cats, I do too. Or I find them on the road or they just walk in.
Your scratch posts are ever so funny. I live in Spain so my cats are not politically orientated, if living in the US they would get Trump to try their nails on.

Thank you for this extensive information, I really enjoyed it.

Regards, Taetske


Hi Taetske,

It’s always nice to meet a fellow cat lover and I’m very glad you enjoyed this post.  I’m also glad to hear that you also follow the “adopt, don’t shop” philosophy.  I wish I lived in a farmhouse, instead of a one bedroom apartment.  If I did, I would have WAY more cats.

Thanks for your comment!



Good afternoon Amy,
Thank you for replying to my comment. At the moment we have 4 cats and Cindy my Rottweiler lady. My oldest cat is Missu, she walked in being a baby in 1995. In Oct 2010 I adopted 4 weeks old Sasha who was put out at the gate. Sept 2013 I picked up Jasmin from the middle of the road, she was also only 4 weeks old. Michael who emigrated from the US to the south of Spain in Aug 2016 beside his belongings came with Shugar, his 13-year-old, white and deaf cat. As you can see we have quite a mixed family.
We would love to have a Savannah cat once Cindy is not with us anymore, it will probably remain a dream.

Regards, Taetske


Wow, that’s quite the cat family you have! It warms my heart that you have taken in cats that otherwise would have had a difficult life – if they survived at all. And yes, Savannah cats are beautiful. Good luck to you!


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