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The Feline Online: Cat Games

The Feline Online: Cat GamesI often joke to my husband that my cat, Laila, must be wanting to get online given how often she lies on my laptop. This got me thinking… What can cats actually do online? I already know there’s cat music but what else? Cat games. Yes, online games for cats. This afternoon I went to YouTube in search of free online cat games and easily found many.  People really have thought of everything. I play games on my phone so why shouldn’t my cat? Are these games really geared towards cats or is it just something that us humans think is cute? With the one cat subject I had on hand, we conducted our own tests of 4 different cat games. Here’s what we found.


10 Christmas Gifts for Cats You Never Knew Existed

10-Christmas-Gifts-for-Cats-You-Never-Knew-ExistedI don’t hide it, I am a crazy cat lady.  As a result, I am always on the look out for Christmas presents for cats.  Why should us humans have all the fun?  Since Christmas is coming, this year I thought I would put together a list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for cats.  That way, your cat too can unwrap a little happiness on Christmas morning.  We all know about the traditional Christmas gifts for cats but here I want to explore gifts that are a little more unusual and clever…



The Benefits of Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive Cat ToysEvery cat owner probably has a house full of cat toys. In my case, they’re mostly under the sofa but they’re there. Have you considered the fun you can have with interactive cat toys? An interactive cat toy would technically be anything that is a step above a static toy that just sits on the floor. My preference is for interactive cat toys that involve me too. Why should my cat have all the fun? Here are some reasons why you and your feline friend should explore the world of interactive cat toys:



Is Catnip Harmful for Cats?

Is Catnip Harmful for CatsThe short answer is no. Catnip is not harmful to cats. This is good news because if your cat is anything like mine, they’ll LOVE it! Give your cat a taste of catnip and watch them go nuts. They roll in it, rub up against it; they’re obsessed.

To be clear though, when we ask if catnip is harmful to cats, there is a slight caveat. While it really is safe, it is possible for a cat to overdose on catnip.