Are Cats Lactose Intolerant? The Truth About Cats And Milk

Are Cats Lactose IntolerantCats and milk. In my mind they go hand in hand. Put out a saucer of milk and if your cat is anything like mine, she’ll come running. She knows when I’m eating cereal and waits patiently while I eat. She knows it’s milk. She’s banking on her slim chances of me letting her lick the bowl. But, is this safe? Are cats lactose intolerant and should cats and milk really be associated together anymore?


A Sad Cat: Signs Your Cat is Depressed

A Sad Cat: Signs Your Cat is DepressedA sad cat is just, well, sad. We love our cats and want them to be happy but sometimes they aren’t. That’s when we caregivers need to intervene. The first step on the road to making a sad cat happy is recognizing the signs of cat depression. I have tried asking my cat how she’s feeling but I usually get the silent treatment. If I’m not snubbed then I get a yowl that could mean almost anything. Without understandable verbal signs, we have to rely on behavior.



Cat Music: Sounds That Make Cats Happy

Cat Music: Sounds That Make Cats HappyAre there sounds that make cats happy, calm and soothe them? It’s hard to say because we don’t yet speak cat and can’t ask them about it. We can only judge their behavior. We need to ask first: what sounds do cats like? Yes, there are scientists studying this type of thing. Their findings can help us calm, soothe and entertain our cats. My cat, Laila, and I also conducted our own non-scientific research at home. A good way to spend an hour or two on a Saturday, right?



Dental Hygiene: Don’t Ignore Your Cat’s Teeth

Dental Hygiene: Don’t Ignore Your Cat’s TeethCats use their teeth for many things: eating, biting and grooming. Have you stopped to consider that cats have teeth problems like we do? I didn’t. One day I was watching tv and saw my cat, Laila, yawn. I happened to be in the right place at the right time to notice one back tooth had a large pink/red mark on it. It was on the inside closest to her tongue. It’s not easy to get a look at a cat’s mouth if they don’t want you to so I spent a while watching and waiting for her to yawn again to confirm what I originally saw. Once confirmed, we headed to the vet.


7 Tips For Cat Adoption: Making Your New Cat Feel Welcome

7 Tips for Cat AdoptionYou’re lucky – you’re bringing a new cat home. Or maybe you’re thinking about adopting a cat for the first time and you’re planning for what will happen once you get them home. Either way you have come to the right place!

So far, I have adopted 4 different cats. In each case they had a life, and a little baggage before they met me. I wish I had sought some cat adoption advice prior to bringing the new cat home as it would have made things easier on both me and the new cat.