Cat Furniture Part Three: Litter Boxes

For this crazy cat lady, there aren’t many downsides to having a cat but the litter box is definitely one.  Of course, you need a litter box but they’re ugly, they stink and take up space that is often at a premium.  Cat litter box furniture to the rescue!  There are many different kinds of cat furniture like scratching posts and cat houses that are fun for both human and cat.

But, we’re not talking about fun now.  This is serious.  Cat litter box furniture is a necessity once you see how easy, useful, cost effective and stylish it is.  What kinds of useful furniture can be made into litter box furniture?  Let’s find out…

Litter Box Night Stands

I’m not saying that you want the litter box next to your bed but if you live in a studio apartment, you might not have a choice.  This Petsfit Double-Decker Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand is a great option.  It doesn’t have to be used as a night stand either.  It could be put in the bathroom or entry hall too.

Petsfit Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure Night StandPrice: $189.99

Reviews: This cat litter box night stand scores 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  The main negative thing about this cat litter box furniture is that some cats don’t use it.  Or at least they don’t take to it right away.  This speaks more to the stubbornness of cats rather than the product itself.

Notable features:  This item doubles as a cat house.  The double-decker system allows litter to fall from your cat’s paws before exiting.  This drastically reduces the amount of litter that will be tracked onto your nice, clean floors.

Litter Box Side Tables

Another way to hide a cat litter box is a side table.  Check out this cat furniture side table from Designer Catbox.  Your cat will do their business out of sight and the side table can hold your remote, drink and snack (or anything else you want).

Designer Catbox Litter Box enclosurePrice: $129.99

Reviews: People seem to either love or hate this item.  It has 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  Most complaints relate to the quality of the hinge and backing.  Others report no issues at all.  It can be annoying to take everything off the top when you are cleaning it so you may want to keep the top relatively clear.

Notable Features: Large cats have no trouble using this litter box furniture and the two panels help litter fall from kitty cat’s paws before leaving.  Less litter for you to clean up or step on with bare feet.  That’s a win!

Litter Box Benches

Need a place to sit while you put on your shoes?  Why not combine a bench with a litter box?  This litter box bench from Merry Products does just that.

Merry Products Cat BenchPrice: $127.99

Reviews: This litter box cat furniture is well reviewed on Amazon with 4.3 out of 5 stars.  People like how big it is, the look of it and how sturdy it is.

Notable Features: The interior separation can be removed and the interior is quite large with lots of head room.  The entry/exit door can be placed on either side.  This litter box bench has enough room inside to accommodate a large automatic litter box (if you’re lucky enough to have one of those). Since the litter box enclosure opens from the side, you can feel free to place as many items on top as you want.

One downside that I can see is that there’s no secondary area where the litter will fall off the cat’s paws.  They go from litter box right to the exit and my clean floors.  This can be addressed by removing the separating panel and moving the litter box as far from the exit as possible.  But, then you lose the storage.

Litter Box Cabinets

For something that will simply contain the litter box and provide a little storage while looking great, try the Refined Feline Refined Litter Box.

Refined Feline Litter Box Cabinet

Price: $192.73 or Large, $255.13 for X-Large

Reviews:  4 out of 5 stars on Amazon – people like this product.  It is a little tricky to assemble but once assembled, people are generally very happy with it.  It’s the most expensive on our list here but based on the reviews, it is the most like a ‘real’ piece of furniture.

Notable Features: This litter box cabinet comes in large or extra large.  It has a storage drawer and an optional mat to catch litter before it ends up on the floor.  It also has air filters built right in.

Creatively Hidden Litter Boxes

Now that we have covered the basics of litter box furniture, there are other ways to hide a litter box – other than in a cabinet or a piece of actual furniture.  Have you ever thought that a litter box could be concealed in a plant pot?  I hadn’t until I saw the Hidden Litter Box from Good Pet Stuff.  Who will ever know?

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box PlantPrice: $51.19

Reviews: This dual purpose plant pot gets 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  It hides the litter nicely.  You will want to replace the fake plant with your own though.  This should only cost a few bucks but will look nicer than the one that’s included.

Notable Features: This hidden litter box is simple which makes it easy to assemble.  It’s designed for large cats and for multi cat homes.  If your cat is easy going, you can turn the entrance to face the wall and even you will forget that this is a litter box.

With all the options for cat litter box furniture, which ones will you try?


6 thoughts on “Cat Furniture Part Three: Litter Boxes

Hello there! I live in a apartment and most of the times my friends, my family or my parents visits me. I have a cat and the litter box takes space on my small apartment. I’m looking for a litter box / furniture or table that is multi functional. I read your article about different types of litter boxes and this is a great list of litter boxes. I didn’t know that there’s a litter box cabinets. This is the perfect for my small apartment. Thank you for sharing this information.


Hi John,

I’m glad you learned something new from my post.  I totally understand that space is at a premium.  I am currently living in a small 1 bedroom apartment as well.  Good luck finding a litter box cabinet!



Hi Amy,

I came across your website while looking for ways to hide my cats’ litter boxes and I was truly impressed with actually having such beautiful décor that doubled as a cat bathroom!

Never, in my wildest imagination would I have thought that there could be furniture used to hide these unsightly and smelly tools necessary for cat ownership.

Since I don’t think I would want an “end table litter box” close to my bed – but, I really liked the idea of a litter box bench that I could keep in my master closet. I’m always looking for a place to sit down when dressing. And, this would be absolutely perfect!

I am curious, though, about what material the litter box benches are made of? Are they metal, wood, or some form of laminate? I would hate to purchase one only to have it fall apart in a year or so.

Those litter box planters are a great idea, also. Since I have several cats, I will need to hide several litter boxes. And, this would be great for my big boy!



Hi Marty,

Yes, these hidden litter boxes are wonderful!  They are made of various materials – some wood, some laminate.  Expect to pay more for actual wood.  I hope you get some great new litter box furniture for your many cats.



The hidden litter box are a good idea and look mess free, i also hope that they retain their pop smell till you are able to change it. The challenge would be how to train the cat to get inside the litter boxes without them feeling like they are being locked up inside.


Yes, training might be a challenge but cats love small spaces and love to hide.  Hopefully they will explore it on their own and learn that that’s where there litter box is.


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