Fancy Feast Broths Review: A Tasty Treat

Have you ever been asked the question: “If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”  I have, and it’s a tough one.  For my cat, Laila, it isn’t tough at all.  She would respond without any further thought and answer Fancy Feast Broths.  I have never seen her devour anything quicker.  To put it simply, she LOVES the Fancy Feast Broth for cats.  Her favorite is the chicken and vegetable flavor but really, any of them will do.

As the dispenser of her food, I also love giving her the cat chicken soup.  I normally can’t stand the smell of cat food, but this stuff smells more like something I would serve to discerning dinner guests.  You can instantly tell it’s real chicken.

Fancy Feast Broths are not something that you can feed your cat exclusively but they are absolutely perfect as a small treat.  The small pieces make it easy for her to eat and as a result it feels like it is gone in seconds.

Laila is a cat who doesn’t over eat.  We leave her food out all the time and she eats what she needs.  I think the fact that she inhales the Fancy Feast Chicken Soup is a testament to how good it is.

Another great thing about this chicken soup for cats is that is helps to keep them hydrated.  Cats tend to get most of their water from food so this is a good compliment to a mostly dry food diet.  The water content is high.

The one challenge for us is that the cat broths are a little pricey.  We currently live in France so we buy the boxes that have 4 pouches of 40g each (the packaging and brand name are a little different but the product is the same).  At €3.49 a box, we have to ration it out a bit.  Maybe that’s good because it makes it that much more special when she does get one.  Keep an eye out – I have luckily been able to find Fancy Feast Broths coupons for €0.50 stuck directly on some of the boxes. Or you can always get a pretty reasonable price (especially since it is delivered to you) from Amazon:

Fancy Feast Broths ChickenFancy Feast Broths Chicken

We have tried two of the Fancy Feast Broths so far Chicken and Vegetables and the Tuna, Anchovies and Whitefish.  I know each cat is different but Laila prefers the chicken.  She still seems to enjoy the fish flavor but the chicken seems to win out every time.  My only way to judge is the speed at which she eats it.

Since all cats are different, yours may not agree with mine about the Fancy Feast Broths but I think it’s worth trying one to find out.  Laila (and me) give this product, specifically the chicken and vegetables flavor, 5 cat thumbs up!



2 thoughts on “Fancy Feast Broths Review: A Tasty Treat

Hi Amy. How happy your cat to have a master like you. I never think to give toys to the cats in my house, lol. I will do that to make them happy. This is a very unique website. Wish you get a lot of success with your website.


Hi Melani,
I’m glad you found the post and website helpful. Anything we can do to improve our cats’ lives is a good thing.
Thank you for the very kind words.


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