The Benefits of Interactive Cat Toys

Every cat owner probably has a house full of cat toys.  In my case, they’re mostly under the sofa but they’re there.  Have you considered the fun you can have with interactive cat toys?  An interactive cat toy would technically be anything that is a step above a static toy that just sits on the floor.  My preference is for interactive cat toys that involve me too.  Why should my cat have all the fun? Here are some reasons why you and your feline friend should explore the world of interactive cat toys:


There is a lot of talk about the enrichment needs of zoo animals since they are stuck in cages, but this can easily apply to indoor cats.   Interactive cat toys help stop your cat from getting bored.  They introduce an element to play that the cat could not achieve on their own. New tasks, new smells, new movement, who wouldn’t be excited about that?  A bored cat is a mischievous cat so boredom can result in destructive behavior.  Interactive cat toys can stop your cat from looking for entertainment in the wrong places, like scratching the chairs or climbing the curtains. Think of all the money you’ll save on furniture that you can re-invest into cat toys. Take the boredom cure even further and incorporate multiple interactive cat toys at different times into your routine.  Your kitty will always be wondering what’s next.

Interactive Cat ToysBonding

We all lead busy lives.  It can be daunting to think of all the tasks we have in a day and this is one more.  Add “play with cat” to my to do list.  Setting time aside for you to play with your cat is a great step towards forming or even reinforcing a bond.  If your cat has trust issues, interactive play can help with that too.  I know I’m reading into it but it’s like they can tell you are making them a priority.  While they may not say thanks, you should be able to tell from their excitement that your cat is having fun.  You may even get some extra cuddles when they’re tuckered out from all the play.


Mental Wellness

I do crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles to keep my brain on its toes.  While I don’t think my cat, Laila, could handle those, there are many cat puzzle toys out there that are more on her level.  Using her tiny cat brain for something other than the usual day-to-day tasks promotes mental wellness.  New tasks and games will keep your cat sharp and engaged.  Think of the expression – “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”.  Think of what all the other cat owners will say if you have the “slow” cat on the block.



Let’s face it, indoor cats can be lazy.  They don’t have to hunt for food, find shelter or worry about bully cats giving them a hard time.  These are all things that would force them to exercise in the wild.  Luckily most cats can’t resist the chase.  Interactive cat toys get them up and moving.  In fact, it usually gets me moving too. For cats, interactive cat toys are like playing sports for humans – it’s fun and it’s exercise.  A win/win situation.


Cats love to hunt.  For anything.  A bug, a mouse, food, you name it.  Some cats can lack confidence and interactive play can certainly help with that.  They work hard to get that laser, get the mouse or get the treats out of the puzzle and when they succeed they get a confidence boost.  With interactive play for your cat, you’re not just having fun, you’re also helping them hone valuable skills.

It’s easy to see that interactive cat toys have made my cat happier.  She plays longer, harder and more strategically when she is playing with me.  We have fun together and that’s really all that matters to me.  Have you started an interactive cat play routine?  What benefits have you seen?


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