The Best Cat Treats: Temptations Cat Treats Review

Worldwide, us cat enthusiasts spend more than $2 billion dollars on cat treats every year.  Crazy.  It’s such a huge market that I’m sure you can imagine there are almost too many options to choose from.  How do you decide on the best cat treats?  The simplest answer is to let your cat decide.  But costly and potentially wasteful taste tests with your cat are not realistic for most of us.  Hopefully this review of Temptations cat treats will save you both time and money.

DISCLAIMER: Let’s be clear.  I would equate temptations cat treats to a bag of chips or a chocolate bar for humans.  Junk food for cats.  Fine in moderation, in my opinion.  It’s not to say they are unhealthy, but if you are looking for natural or organic treats packed with benefits like teeth cleaning or improving digestion, these do not fall into those categories.  If, like me, you are looking for a genuine treat for your cat then I think you’ll agree that Temptations cat treats are the best cat treats for that purpose.  Here’s why:


My cat Laila, and all my cats before her have loved Temptations cat treats the most.  I’ve tried other varieties but they are left sitting sadly on the floor.  Just the sound of me shaking the bag and she comes running.  Do you remember the Temptations commercial that depicted just that?  Well, they weren’t lying.

Eating Temptations Cat Treats

I don’t go to great lengths to train Laila.  She loves these cat treats so much that she will sit for them.  A great trick we can show at parties.  Temptations cat treats would be a great training tool if you are so inclined.

For a cat who rarely overeats and maintains a trim figure, she sure can inhale these Temptations treats.  I think she could eat a whole bag if I let her.  I don’t know what they do to them but she’ll scarf them down every time regardless of the flavor.

In my volunteering at the SPA in France, the cats in the cat shelter got nasty with each other trying to get to these treats.  Other treats were left in the grass (maybe for later).  About 50 French cats agreed that Temptations cat treats are the best cat treats.  That’s a pretty good sample size.


These are the best cat treats from a price perspective, unless you are buying no name or store brands.  A small package is only a few dollars.  You save even more when you buy larger quantities.  I only give Laila 2-3 at a time so a small bag lasts ages.


Temptations cat treats are not a specialty item.  You can get them at grocery stores, pet stores and online.  I would often pick up a package at PetSmart when buying Laila’s regular dry food.  Throw them in your shopping cart at the grocery store or add them to your order on Amazon.  The bottom line is that these cat treats are easy.  No special trips or thought needed.

Temptations cat treats get 5 cat thumbs up!


I’m off to give Laila some temptations cat treats in the chicken flavor now.  She helped me research to determine the best cat treats so surely, she deserves a reward.

What’s your cat’s favorite cat treat?   Is your cat in the Temptations cat treats fan club too?


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