The Best Indoor Cat Food: Dry Edition

You get a new cat, what do you feed them?  How do you choose from all the options at the grocery or pet store?  I was in this situation when we got our cat, Laila in 2014.  We experimented and came up with what we (Laila and I) think is the best indoor cat food.

We considered taste (Laila, not me), ingredients, pricing and benefits.  Laila loves chips but it’s not a realistic option for the best indoor cat food, is it?  The real winner for us is the BLUE Indoor Health Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe by Blue Buffalo.


blue Indoor Health PackagingThe Taste

Cats can be tricky with dry food in my experience.  Laila eats the Blue Buffalo chicken and rice happily.  Since I can’t ask her how it tastes, I have to trust that since she eats it every time I put it down (or leave it out), it must taste pretty good to her.

She also really enjoys it when I add a little warm water to it as a treat.  This seems to release the flavors and makes it easier to eat.  As an aside, adding water directly to their food is a great way to improve your cat’s hydration too.

I was so worried when we moved to Europe that I wouldn’t be able to get this food for her that I packed as much as I could. It was only about a month’s supply but that should tell you how much she likes it.

The Ingredients

De-boned chicken is the first ingredient.  Enough said.  It has no chicken by-product meal, no corn, wheat or soy and no artificial colors or preservatives.  The ingredient list is admittedly pretty long so if it’s 100% natural or organic food you are looking for, this isn’t for you.

Ingredient List

The Price

The Blue Buffalo line of cat food tends toward pricey. It’s $31.99 on Amazon.  I would put it in the middle between grocery store brands and the 100% natural/organic varieties.  This is a price point where I am comfortable.  I don’t want to cheap out but I also don’t want my cat eating better than I do.

When in Canada we buy her food at Pet Smart.  The medium bag which is 7lbs costs around $30 – slightly less if it’s on sale.  This bag lasts about 2 months so the cost per month is only around $15 ($0.50 a day).  I wish I could feed myself for that cheap!

The Benefits

There are many quoted benefits on the packaging of this food – healthy digestion, healthy skin and coat and weight management to list a few.

Indoor cats can face challenges that outdoor cats do not.  The first one that comes to mind is weight gain.  Being inside, they get less activity than their outdoor cousins making them more susceptible to putting on a few extra pounds.  This indoor adult cat food is balanced to give your indoor cat the right amount of fat and protein to maintain a healthy weight.

LifeSource BitsLifeSource Bits.  Sounds fancy as I’m sure the marketing people intended but at their most basic, LifeSource Bits are little balls full of vitamins and antioxidants helping your kitty’s immune system.  I don’t want to drone on about the benefits too much so if you want more info, you can visit the Blue Buffalo website by clicking here.

If the Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice isn’t for you, how do you go about choosing the best indoor cat food?  Here’s some things you should look for:

  • The Formula: make sure it is formulated for indoor cats. This way you get the proper balance of nutrition while avoiding unnecessary calories.
  • The Ingredients: my advice is to look at the first 3-5 ingredients. If you don’t know what those 3-5 things are then move on.  You want indoor cat food with ingredients you can understand.  For the Blue Buffalo, the top ingredients are: de-boned chicken, chicken meal, fish meal, brown rice, barley, peas… You get my point.
  • The Taste: it’s simple – your cat needs to like the taste of the food. Why force them to eat something they hate?  Seems unnecessarily mean to me.  There are so many options out there that meet the criteria of benefits and ingredients.  Just keep trying.  Sometimes just switching to another flavor in the same brand will be much more appetizing for your cat.
  • The Price: depending on your situation, if you can afford it, I think the middle price point is the best place to be. We want quality ingredients and if the cat food is too cheap it likely won’t have them.

Talking about the best dry indoor cat food can be well, dry.  But, it’s a cornerstone of our cat’s happiness – they eat it EVERY day.  Make sure they like it and it offers the important benefits to keep them healthy and with us for a long, long time.

Have you tried BLUE Indoor Health line of cat food?  What do you think?  What do you think is the best indoor cat food?  Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The Best Indoor Cat Food: Dry Edition

Cats are our friend these animals make a great pet. My son own a cat at one time and the amazing thing is how that cat seems to provided hours of fun. It is good to see that they have food that has so much goodness to keep your cat happy and healthy.
Those who have cats will find what you are sharing here to be of good help to their cats.


Thank you so much Norman for the kind words.  I agree that cats make great pets!


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