What is the Best Cat Litter?

I can honestly say that I never thought I would be spending my time writing about cat litter.  It’s not glamorous at all.  But, it’s something us cat owners deal with regularly so it’s important.  What is the best cat litter?  And why?  Had this been years ago, I would have hands down voted that Maxx Scoop was the best.  To my, and many other Canadian’s dismay, Purina discontinued Maxx Scoop in Canada.  Oh, the horror! They replaced it with Tidy Cat which is NOT AT ALL the same.   After much frustrating research trying to find a new brand, I can now say that in our house the best cat litter is Arm and Hammer cat litter – specifically the clump and seal line.

Unfortunately, while we are living in Europe, we have to deal with the sad selection here.  I never thought that if someone asked me what I missed about Canada I would reply “cat litter”.  But, it’s true.  Most of the ones we have found in France and Italy don’t clump.  If they do clump they are extremely dusty.  The odor can be very offensive – you know I’m doing the litter box if you can hear me gagging.  There is litter scattered all around the house constantly.  But, enough about the bad cat litter, let’s get back to the best cat litter.

Why is Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal cat litter so great?

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal LitterOdor

To me this is the most important category.  No one wants to smell a dirty cat litter box.  As you heard earlier, I tend to gag if the litter is not odor absorbing to my satisfaction.  The best cat litter must have excellent odor control and Arm and Hammer cat litter does.  You can leave it for ages (a week or more) before any odor starts to seep out.


Dusty Litter
Lovely little dust paw prints

Dust and tracking are huge problems for us in Europe.  I didn’t realize this was so important until I didn’t have good litter anymore.  With Arm and Hammer litter there is still dust but it is minimal.  Here, our cat, Laila, leaves dust prints on our shirts.  Nothing like this ever happened with the Clump and Seal.

The litter doesn’t end up all over the house although we do end up with some grains at the entrance to the litter box from her kicking it out.  Unfortunately, I can’t blame this on the litter.  The good thing is that she doesn’t track the Arm and Hammer cat litter all over the house.  We don’t find grains in our bed like we do here.

They also have a lightweight formula if that’s of interest to you.  I haven’t tried it but if it’s anything like the regular clump and seal, you’ll be pleased.  I will definitely be trying this as soon as I get back to Canada.  Have you tried it?


If anyone has tried the cat litter available in France or Italy, you will relate to this.  I miss my Arm and Hammer cat litter so much – nothing here clumps like Arm and Hammer cat litter does.  The bottom of our litter box is corroded from urine.  Trust me, you can never really get the stink out.

I long for the days back in Canada of easily scooping a urine clump out of the litter box.  Here, it just falls apart if disturbed.


Arm and Hammer Litter on AmazonPrice

Cat litter is necessary but not something I want to spend a lot of money on.  We all know what the cat does with it and I don’t want to flush good money away.  A huge 38 lb box will cost about $24 and it will last for ages.  You can also sometimes find coupons online or sales in the grocery store.  If it’s on sale, trust me, stock up!

Because of the clumping and odor absorption power of this cat litter, you don’t need to replace the entire tray as often.  Scooping is enough for at least a week (maybe longer, I haven’t tried) to keep your house from smelling like a crazy cat lady lives there.


Arm and hammer cat litter is available at both grocery stores and Amazon.  Chances are you are already at one of these places at least once a week.  Couldn’t be easier to pick up the best cat litter.  You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for quality.

Welcome to the litter boxCats are sensitive to changes in their litter and I really think they can tell the good stuff from the bad.  We never had issues with accidents in Canada but we do here.  On a few occasions, my cat, Laila, has pooped on our bath mat which was right next to the litter box.  I can’t help but think this is a protest.  She misses the best cat litter as much as I do!  We even placed a welcome mat in front of the litter box to try to avoid any accidents.


Good litter is essential to happy cats and humans.  Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Litter gets 5 cat thumbs up from us.  Now you have your answer to the question that surely keeps you up at night: “what is the best cat litter?”.   If you can have the best litter, why wouldn’t you?


2 thoughts on “What is the Best Cat Litter?

Cleaning cat litter is one thing that I do not miss about owning a cat. That being said who would think that there would be such a difference in kitty litter in different countries.
Cats are sensitive creatures so it really is no surprise that your cat is not liking the new litter. Your cat is probably not liking the dust and the non clumping litter as well. When the litter does not clump he is probably getting urine on his feet when he is in the litter box. You’re not the only one gagging.
I like the welcome mat, it is a nice touch and probably helps with your cat’s paws.


Thank you!


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